August 2, 2017

August 2, 2017

ISAIAH 23-27

Focus Verse: O Lord, Your hand is lifted up yet they do not see it.

They see Your zeal for the people and are put to shame;

Indeed, fire will devour Your enemies.

Isaiah 26:11


Yesterday I talked about having a heart that is broken for the things that break God’s heart. Today, we see the quickest way to get that. “They see Your zeal for the people and are put to shame” The only way to know what breaks God’s heart is to witness what breaks God’s heart. But we can’t witness what breaks God’s heart if we don’t know Him or watch Him. How do we know God’s heart?


First, we read His Word. Over and over again in scripture we see God’s interaction with people. Who does God defend? Those who deserve it, right? Nope. Those who can’t defend themselves! Over and over again we see His charge to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, to defend those who can’t defend themselves, to care for the oppressed, the needy, the orphans and the widows and these commands are NOT dependent on whether they deserve help or not. God doesn’t even address that question because we aren’t even to ask it. What breaks God’s heart? Lost people. People who don’t know Him. Injustice. Oppression. And that’s just scratching the surface. To learn what breaks God’s heart, and what should break ours, we need to witness through scripture who and how God interacted with humanity and nature. What did Jesus do? Who did Jesus feel drawn toward? Who did He heal? Who did He chastise? Who did He forgive? How did He do it? How did He heal? How did He chastise? How did He forgive?


The second way we see God’s zeal for the people is through a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is actually the first step, but the Holy Spirit is so good at His job that many of us don’t even realize we are interacting with Him. Paul talks, in 1 Corinthians 2:14 about how we can’t even understand the things of God without the Holy Spirit. So if we are even to dive into scripture to try to see God, we are dependent on the Holy Spirit to open our minds to see Him and what His interaction with people says about Him. The Spirit will even open our eyes to God’s interactions with people today. He will tell us whom we should be praying for in our spheres of influence. He will give us words of knowledge, words of encouragement, all sorts of other gifts of the Spirit to show them God’s zeal for them. And in doing so, it will also show us His zeal for people.


When we see how God feels about people – ALL people, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender and culture – there will be a pang of shame. It’s the same pain that we feel when we are pricked by the Gospel message of how wicked and awful we are without a Savior to redeem us. But that pain isn’t a bad thing if you harness it the right way. It could lead to condemnation and push you away from God, or it could convict you and draw you closer to Him.


The quickest way to God is to reach the end of your self.


When that shame comes and makes you realize that YOU CAN’T match God’s zeal for people, BUT THAT JESUS DID, and that He WILL THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU, your life will never be the same.

Dayspring Church